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PE-Foams for the Packaging Market

Packaging applications often request materials that combine softness with a certain strength and robustness. Processability and functionality are as important as comfort for the end-user; the protection of the finished good is the highest priority. TROCELLEN polyethylene foams are perfectly suitable for many different packaging solutions.


Carry handles

  • individual colour matches
  • comfortable haptics
  • high-value optics

Packaging of flexoprinting-plates:

  • improved anti-friction property
  • accurate sheet cuts
  • delivery in paperboards for optimal
  • handling of sheets

Available product types

Optionally available with single or both side Corona treatment or long-term stable AST.


  • flexible and conformable:
  • very good fitting accuracy
  • optimal resilience behaviour
  • excellent elasticity
  • smooth surface, cross-linked & closed-cell structure:
  • compatibility with different adhesive systems
  • easy to coat & die-cut
  • low thickness tolerances