Trocellen’s new Advanced Surface Treatment meets the market needs for an improved anchorage of adhesive layers on polyolefin foams. Besides the long-term stability of the surface energy, this new technology offers additional benefits from the material side for better processing.

Perfect adhesive anchorage

technology1Perfect adhesive anchorage on PO foam through our advanced surface treatment providing a long lasting, stable and high surface energy.

  • Excellent adhesive anchorage
  • Long lasting stability
  • Changing surface properties with unchanged base materials
  • Environmentally friendly & supportive raw materials
  • Corona as standard treatment
  • Safe process

Increased flexibility

technology2Our new advanced surface treatment offers additional benefits with increased flexibility:

  • Release function
  • Reduced friction
  • Anti-fogging and other barrier functions
  • Hydrophilic or hidrophobic surface
  • Surface conductivity
  • Bio-functionality