PE Foams for Medical Pre-Products

The medical sector has high demands regarding the adaptability and reliability of the electrodes. Our polyethylene foams with its unique characteristics such as flexibility and closed-cell structure and therefore water-impermeability is perfectly suited for these challenging applications. Together with our market-, product- and application specialists we continuously develop customized solutions meeting the sophisticated requirements within the medical sector.


You find TROCELLEN polyethylene foams as carrier material for:

  • long-term ECG electrodes
  • neutral electrodes
  • wound-pads

Available product types

Optionally available with single or
both side Corona treatment or
long-term stable AST.


  • smooth surface, flexibility, clear white colour
  • very comfortable for human skin
  • very good conformance to human body
  • clear and clean appearance
  • cross linked- und closed-cell structure
  • easy to coat and cut
  • no absorption of body fluids
  • impermeable for all kinds of fluids
  • easy to clean and sterilise