PE-Foams for Self-Adhesive Applications

Adhesive tapes are more and more replacing conventional fixation methods. New and interesting applications increase the potential but also the requirements for high-quality carrier materials. Mounting tapes with polyethylene foam carriers allow optimal bonding on uneven, rough or challenging surfaces due to its unique properties such as high flexibility and compressibility.


TROCELLEN polyethylene foams as carrier in:

  • Self adhesive tapes for window profiles and strips
  • Self adhesive tapes for fixation of wall hooks
  • Self adhesive tapes for mirror fixation
  • Self adhesive stamping parts

Available product types

  • Discuss with us your material requirements such as increased softness to find the material that suits your application perfectly.
  • Optionally available with single or both side Corona treatment or long-term stable AST.


  • flexible and conformable
  • ideal for uneven surfaces
  • optimal resilience behaviour
  • excellent sealing function
  • smooth surface, cross-linked & closed-cell structure
  • very good compatibility with adhesive systems
  • easy to coat and convert
  • water & air tight