Foams for Flexographic Printing Mounting Tapes

The flexographic printing industry and hence the demand for flexoprinting mounting tapes with outstanding performance and durability is continuously increasing. TROCELLEN is serving this market with a specifically developed product portfolio and technical support for achieving the best printing results with the harmonized mounting tape hardness grades. Foams by TROCELLEN as carrier for cliché mounting tapes provide excellent material properties and long-term performance to meet the high requirements of this industry and are developed to perfectly match the customers’ individual processes and needs.


Our polyethylene foams are developed to perfectly match your processes for the production of high-quality cliché mounting tapes.


Discuss with us your material requirements such as

  • Customized compression values
  • Customized material recipes

Optionally available with single or both side Corona treatment or long-term stable AST.


  • smooth surface, cross-linked and closed-cell structure
  • homogeneous cell-distribution and –structure
  • very good compatibility with different adhesive systems
  • optimal resilience behaviour
  • excellent force distribution per print dot