PE-Foam Carriers for Self-Adhesive Applications

Electronic devices are continuously decreasing in size. In order to ensure constant fixations and stable properties while minimizing the surrounding space the technical requirements for self-adhesive parts are very high. Foams by TROCELLEN as carrier support the industry to meet these high-quality demands and are therefore ideally suited for this application field.


Our foam combines all important aspects such as complete sealing against dust and humidity, weight reduction, noise absorption and furthermore simplify the installation process of:

  • cover and front fixation
  • die-cut sealing parts


TROCELLEN is offering special materials with:

  • improved die-cuttability
  • high elongation at break
  • special heat resistance
  • surface conductivity

Optionally available with single/ both side Corona treatment or long-term stable AST.


  • flexible and conformable
  • very good fitting accuracy
  • optimal resilience behaviour
  • excellent sealing & dampening function
  • smooth surface, cross-linked & closed-cell structure
  • easy to coat, convert & die-cut
  • excellent adhesion bonding
  • low thickness tolerances
  • temperature resistant